Turar S.A. Empresa de Viajes y Turismo is one of the oldest and most prestigious and important tourism companies in the Argentine Republic. It is a member of the Ferrucci's Business Group (G.E.F.)

G.E.F. began their operations in 1947 and plunged in the tourist sector in 1958. Their activities are developed by employing over 300 people. Within the tourist activity, this is no doubt the most relevant economic group with national capitals G.E.F. owns two companies in the tourism sector:

  • Regente Palace Hotel.
  • Turar S.A. Empresa de Viajes y Turismo.
Regente Palace Hotel

Opened in 1983, it is located at 964 Suipacha St., right in the heart of Buenos Aires tourist center. The Regente Palace is a top-level international four-star hotel that offers 150 rooms, spacious premises, and 4 convention lounges; it is equipped with top-notched technological devices providing the highest comfort level to all of its guests.

Hotel Regente Palace

Over the last two years, significant remodeling works were carried out in its rooms, lounges, and service areas.

Turar S.A. Empresa de Viajes y Turismo, established in 1976, has been rendering its services on an ongoing basis ever since. Several hundreds of thousands of travelers can witness this in their Outbound Department and their two (General & Special) Inbound Departments. The Outbound Department is one of the main sellers of own products to Europe, North America, the Caribbean, Middle East, and Asian region. The Inbound Department is one of the main private and group tourist operators from America, Europe, and Oceania.

Turar S.A. 's total annual turnover is estimated to be 40,000 passengers, considering both inbound and outbound tourism. In relation to Inbound Tourism in particular, Turar S.A. is one of the main passenger operators from the U.S.A., Brazil, Mexico, Spain, and the rest of Latin America and Europe.

Turar S.A. provides significant advantages to assist their customers: Large office space covering 800 m2, located at 559 Bartolomé Mitre St.,4th floor, at the financial district of the City of Buenos Aires, owned by G.E.F. Also, Turar S.A. owns a drivers' Center at 960 Marcelo T.de Alvear St., (own garage with 400 parking unit space). Seventy assistants work with the company, including operating staff, drivers, and own tourist guides speaking 7 languages. Ten own vehicles are used for transfers and touring.

Furthermore, their proven efficient and expert representatives are present in all significant tourist destinations in Argentina and bordering countries. The annual passenger number managed (i.e. 40,000) makes it easy for Turar S.A. to establish the most fluent relations and best hotel deals with service providers and public and private entity authorities in close relation to the tourist business.